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 The Shakespeare in Performance  Project has worked with thousands of students in the UK and Europe over the past 15 years. Their fun and dynamic workshops motivate  students to prepare and perform a Shakespeare play in just two hours. This workshop shares some of our best practices for creating a culture that can take ownership of a Shakespeare play and experience the excitement, pride and joy of performing it.
The Shakespeare in Perfomance Project presents;

"Creating an outstanding Learning Culture"

An exciting drama based workshop looking at key methods to create a motivated, inclusive and collaborative learning culture in the classroom.

The session includes;

  • Practical drama session in which the workshop group performs the story of Romeo & Juliet.
  • Seminar on 5 key areas of creating and maintaining a strong learning culture
  • Discussion on of how the methodology was implemented during the drama session and how it can be actioned in your subject and your classroom.

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